A Death Wish

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A Death Wish

Galatians 5:15 says this: “If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.” I have spent time with people who just can’t help but point out the weaknesses, faults and shortcomings of other people and usually not just one at a time. They are completely convinced at the time that they are doing me a favor by saving me the trouble of finding out how awful these other people are. Of course it is no such thing. It is a case of someone who has been hurt, attacked or in some other way in strife with these folks and they are willing to engage others in the hurt they have experienced. And this can backfire in many ways. Churches and families can be torn apart. “He said, she said” can become a source of gossip and slander throughout communities until someone even loses jobs or reputation. And the one who does such things is right on the block for destruction themselves. I generally try to steer the conversation toward praying blessing, forgiveness and mercy toward those who are the targets of such conversations. Otherwise, those who share such attacks are really living out a death wish for their own souls.


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