Medina united Methodist church


Anyone who attends Medina United Methodist Church (MUMC) is welcomed here and benefits from everything this church has to offer.  Becoming a member of this Church Family is considered a discipleship process.

What does being a church member mean: A church member is someone who has been baptized into the church, attends worship regularly, and participates in the corporate life of the congregation with fellow members of the body of Christ, shares in the ministry which is committed to the whole church of Jesus Christ, and is held accountable for faithfulness to their covenant of baptism.

Pastor Bill would love to meet with anyone interested in being a member of Medina United Methodist Church at their convenience.  Please call (830) 796-5799 or email him at to set an appointment.

We look forward to supporting you in your journey to become a member here at Medina United Methodist Church.

Types of Membership in the
United Methodist Church

A FULL MEMBER: Professes their faith in the trinity (God, the Father Almighty, Jesus, his only son, and the Holy Spirit). Commits his/her prayers, presence, gifts and service to the church. Is officially added to the membership records of Medina UMC and The United Methodist Church. Has been baptized. Can vote and participate in church business.

An AFFILIATE/ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Maintains membership at two churches (both United Methodist or one of another denomination). Enjoys the same benefits of full membership. Agrees to the same commitments and meets the same requirements of a full member.

A PREPARATORY MEMBER: Is preparing for full membership in the church. Has been baptized, but not confirmed. Is under the age of 19.

A CONSTITUENT: Regularly attends and gives support to the church. Has not made the additional commitments of becoming a full member.

Ways to Become a Member at First United Methodist Church
We are eager for you to be an active member of our church family. There are several ways you can become a Full Member of First UMC:

Profession of Faith and Baptism: If you have never been baptized, our pastor will be happy to meet with you in your home or at the church to discuss the meaning of baptism and making a profession of faith as a Christian.

By Restoration of Membership and Renewal of Vows: If you are no longer a member of a church, your baptism will be honored and you can reaffirm your vow of church membership and become a member of  MUMC.

By Transfer From Another United Methodist Church: If you are a member of another United Methodist congregation, the church office can write requesting a letter of transfer to MUMC. This holds true for many other denominations. For those who do not issue letters of transfer, a letter announcement can be sent to your church notifying them of your acceptance into the MUMC membership.

By Transfer From Another Christian Denomination: Since you are already baptized and confirmed, these steps will not be repeated. You will be asked to take the one vow taken by all members of the United Methodist Church: “Will you be loyal to this Church and uphold it by your prayers, your presence, your gifts and your service?”

Transfer of Your Membership From a Denomination that will not accept your transferring across denominational lines: Your baptism is accepted. You will be reconfirmed in a process called Renewal of Vows.

How to become a “Member” without becoming a “Full Member”: If you are a United Methodist whose membership is in another city or state and you wish to retain membership in your “home” church, you can become an Affiliate Member of Medina United Methodist Church. This grants you pastoral oversight, fellowship and participation at First United Methodist Church. You will not be counted on  MUMC’s membership roll, but at your “home” church. We will write your “home” church informing them of your Affiliate Member status at MUMC.

Members of other Christian denominations may elect to become Associate Members under the same conditions.

Glossary of Terms:

Membership: Includes those persons who have been baptized and who have been received into membership in a local church through confession of faith or by transfer of membership and who have taken the vows of membership. A person who is a member of any local United Methodist church is a member of the United Methodist denomination as a whole. It is the obligation and the responsibility of the pastor of the local church to decide who will be admitted into membership.

Membership Vows: Taken when a person joins a United Methodist church. By taking the membership vows, the individual agrees to covenant with God and the members of the local church to keep the vows that are part of the reception into membership. These vows have four parts: (1) to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; (2) to believe in the Christian faith as contained in the Old and New Testaments; (3) to promise to live a Christian life; and (4) to uphold The United Methodist Church with one’s prayers, presence, gifts and service.

Layperson: A baptized, confirmed member of a local church.

Laity: From laos, meaning “people of God,” and used to describe members of a congregation or parish.

Baptized Member: A person who has received the sacrament of baptism in a United Methodist Church or has received Christian baptism in another denomination and later transferred to a United Methodist Church.

Professing Member: A baptized person who has taken vows declaring the Christian faith. Professing members include all people who have come into membership by profession of faith or by transfer from other churches.

Confirmation: The act by which persons who were baptized as infants or young children (or, because of other special circumstances, could not make the baptismal vows themselves) make their first public statement of their declaration or profession of faith. In this sense they confirm their faith. Confirmation is performed in preparation for reception into full membership in The United Methodist Church. Persons who declared their faith in Christ for themselves at baptism are not confirmed inasmuch as they previously made their profession of faith when baptized.

Affiliate Member: A lay person residing away from home for an extended period who is enrolled in a nearby church for fellowship, pastoral care, and participation in activities. The affiliate member may hold office, except such as would allow a vote in a United Methodist body other than the local church. The affiliate member is reported as a professing member of the home church only.

Associate Member: A lay member of another denomination, residing away from home for an extended period, who attends a United Methodist church may be enrolled as an associate member. The associate member may hold office, but may not become a voting member of the church council. The associate member is considered a member of the home church.