Gather At the River

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Boy, things really came together! I am so proud of our church in the way that you work and make things like “Gather At the River” happen. The praise team was outstanding… even with limited practice time! But I especially want to thank those that are what I call “Silent Workers”. Those that work behind the scenes to make things happen. You know who you are and so often you prefer to work unnoticed, but I want you to know THAT GOD NOTICES! Those of you who prepared the grounds… THANKS! Those of you that were involved in the set up and take down… THANKS! Those of you that set up the food/drinks and ran the food/drink lines… THANKS!

I am so proud to be the pastor of a church that loves to serve and reach out to the community! May God continue to bless each and every one of you!

Here is the link where a posted a few pictures of the event:

Here is an announcement for anyone that wants to help out the Baptist Food Pantry:
The Medina (Baptist Church) Pantry could use some help. They serve a HUGE need to the community month after month. On Saturday, November 15th they will be giving away turkeys and they could use a lot of nonperishable items.

If you wish to participate, you can bring packaged Cornbread or bread stuffing mix, canned sweet potatoes, canned pumpkin, canned apple or peach pie mix, cranberry sauce/relish to complete what they already have to distribute. You can bring your items to the Methodist Church. If the church is not open you can leave them at the door of the Corky Craddock Cottage. They also, need plastic Bags.

Items must be received by Thursday, Nov. 13th so that they can be distributed on Saturday, Nov. 15th

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