Nursery Ministry


Medina United Methodist Church is dedicated to offering an outstanding nursery program to our church family.

We offer paid Nursery Assistant-sub positions.  These positions will occasionally stand in, when needed, for the regular Nursery Assistants.  All paid positions must be at least 18 yrs, pass a criminal background check and be or become certified in: CPR/ AED Defibrillator and trained in first aid.  If you are interested in being on our Nursery Assistant-sub list, please fill out and submit our attached MUMC Nursery Application for Employment    or email: for more info.

We also have Volunteer Nursery Assistant-helper positions available.  If you would like to help as a volunteer in the nursery (either on a occasional rotating basis or on a regular basis) please fill out and submit the attached MUMC Volunteer application  or email: for more info.