The Enemy

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The Enemy

    I was reminded a while back by someone that in the old Pogo comic there was a saying that has been quoted for years since: “we have met the enemy and it is us.” Or something like that. There is such a thing as spiritual warfare. There are spirits, powers and what some call strongholds that exist within communities and groups and most often within families. They can be seen in hatreds, allegiances, addictions and bondages that are expressed in many ways. They can show up in us when we do not expect them and they can often overwhelm our true love for God and desire to serve him faithfully. One example is racism. We believe that we are good folks who can treat all people equally, but suddenly we find that we are fearful, untrusting and bound up with feelings that we didn’t know existed. That is when we discover the depth of the enemy within. It is not often enough to feel bad about those surfaced reactions; we need to bring them to the Father for his power to deliver us from them. In general, much of what is often called exorcism is some form of that deliverance. The devil may not make you do it, but he loves it when we stick to his plan.

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